Land at Dewsbury Riverside
Planning Consultation

Welcome to our online consultation on the proposed residential development at Dewsbury Riverside.

The purpose of this consultation website is to present the plans being proposed by Kirklees Council for the creation of a new high-quality residential development.

This website forms part of the pre-application consultation process which is being undertaken prior to the submission of a hybrid planning application to Kirklees Council in by the end of this year.

Traditionally, this type of consultation is carried out in the form of a public exhibition in a local venue (for example a village hall) but due to the restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19, this has not been possible. In keeping with temporary legislation and guidance issued by the Government, this online consultation website has been provided as an alternative. The website will include a live interactive event on 6th July 2021 between 11am and 7pm where members of the Design Team will be available through a live chat function to answer any questions.

The content of this website sets out the background to the proposals, our vision for the site and how the proposed masterplan has been developed, using principles to maximise the opportunity to deliver a high-quality place that successfully responds to its context.

Get Involved

We invite the local community and other stakeholders to view our emerging proposals, prior to the submission of a formalised planning application to Kirklees Council. We welcome your feedback and comments and in order to enable this, a short feedback form has been provided to help capture the views of those who partake in the online consultation event. The content of these feedback forms will be used to guide the eventual content of the planning application.

Furthermore, should this website raise any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our dedicated project email address ( email) or by contacting a member of the project team on the phone number provided. A live chat function will be in operation on the day of the live consultation event (on 6th July 2021), which will facilitate instantaneous replies form a member of the project team.

Please note that any comments submitted to this website will be used only by the applicant and project team, and do not constitute a formal representation to any future planning application. If and when a formal planning application is submitted, there will be an opportunity to make further formal representations to Kirklees Council.